Bus map anyone?

Hello there, this is just an idea for maybe a mega collab map. I was thinking of making a bus map :joy:. How it would work is you start in a bus and then you arrive to different destinations to get buttons. Once you get the button, you run back into the bus to get to another destination. The flood could be like 0.9 transparent behind the bus but who knows :man_shrugging:. This is just an idea so we can always change things up but right now I’m just seeing peoples approval on this

Also if you can vote for flooded spring, thank you for reading

the story would be you woke up late because your sleep paralysis demon stared at you asking for milk and now you are chasing the bus-made by me

Lol what the hell your sleep paralysis demon asking you for milk? :joy::rofl:

I guess that could work, I’m not sure how the bus detail could be but sure. We do need a lot more people though

took that from a superxavier community post

Ok cool

I’ll join

Is every stop made by a different person?

i join


I mean every stop could be but it can be negotiable


I’ll plan the studio invitations soon but I need more people to confirm they can try to be in it

uh, I could help by being a builder, here is proof and this is something that me and the underworld devs made

If you are apart of it then I can’t really consider on it because it was a collab. I need to actually see something that was purely made by you and not helped on

he didn’t help

he is just the tester

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Alright. Anyways this is kind of discontinued because no one wanted to join, lol

noooooooooo pls

You were a tester tho

I can join

well I need to know about the stops first lol (can’t make something which I’m terrible at lmao)

Sorry but this has been out for literally 2 months

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You spin me right 'round
right ‘like a Tire
Right 'round, 'round, 'round
You spin me right 'round…

Also no I will make a map where you climb a giant box