Can buttons be in variants?

so basically i want to have 2 different button paths, is that possible?
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I actually don’t know, but that sounds interesting :flushed:

sad a

no since renaming the button to Variant will make it not work

no like grouping it into a variant

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hmm i’m not sure then
could work

it doesn’t unfortunately, i’ve tried that before

the buttons work in one variant, but then if it loads the other variant then it doesn’t even say the buttons exist. they load in, but you can’t hit then and you can go to the goal without them

i only tried having 2 variants though, so maybe for some reason it only does that with 2. try 3 or more, might fix it


if it was 2018, maybe
idk if this bug still exists but if you name 2 buttons the same thing (let’s say _Button2 for now), they kinda act independently.
they will both activate after pressing _Button1 but the second one won’t be considered pressed if you just press one of the 2 _Button2s.

ever since the anti exploit requirements were added (where all buttons had to be pressed) this has been basically patched
unless there’s a way to disable that anti exploit measure, it’s probably not possible anymore


script.Parent.NoExit.Name = "ExitRegion"

yep, it still exists

It’s possible.

and you can’t press the other one

But not in Variants.

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Is using scripting of positions.

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And you can set using math.random.

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incase you want to say more and are getting limited to 3 replies here you go

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Veryfakeguest show it before if you don’t see in NC map.

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Also, you need use setprimarypart and set the cframe, to it gets moved to other location.

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Also thanks! :3

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np lol
(and I did it again justtt in case)