Can i be unbanned from crazyblox twitter?

pls i just didn’t meant to be rude when i was saying that crazyblox didn’t deserve the bloxy awards, i was just joking

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you weren’t banned you were blocked but if you were banned in game then yeah that makes sense
if you were being rude for an intentional reason, then it’s your fault.

im not sure what your mind has been going through anymore.

  1. you started forcing crazyblox to update the game when he has a life and needs a break
  2. you started complaining about why lighthouse is special

and now you trash talk him (not sure because you said “rude”) in a satire manner that he doesn’t deserve the bloxies

sorry mate but he and some others can’t forgive you. this is not possible for you to show actual respect for someone who has worked on a game for 3-4 (by 2021) years. im sorry but i feel like nobody has any respect for you anymore. yeah you may be a warriors member and a friend of a big youtuber but this is simply the truth


he said that he didnt deserve the bloxies a while ago im sure. wasnt it last year?
eitherway it’s still wrong

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still, you shouldn’t be saying those types of stuff to developers, specifically crazy. he’s giving you content and all you do is moan


yea i know. thats why i said it was still wrong

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  1. Forcing ≠ Warning
    I only warned then about the community starting to die
    And eithey way, he never read my messages so…

  2. I only gaved my opinion on how Lighthouse is as equal as all maps that are in FE2, but also asked the question of why the map was so special to some people.

  3. You saying i trask talking him rn ? what ? It’s was years ago that it happend, and the message was mostly “You don’t deserve the bloxy awards” without any arguments to attach to it… and you call that trash talking ?

AGAIN … i’m not allowed to give my opinion ?! You want to censor everyone around ?

It was mostly just a joke i made and it’s wasn’t that rude.
There are qualities for me that Crazyblox deserve his bloxy award but where other doesn’t…
Sort of like a balancing thing

even though its your opinion you still shouldn’t say directly to crazy

he blocked you for a reason
why should crazy unblock a person who complains and insults him


I never insulted him, and saying that Crazy didn’t deserve his bloxy is not a insult

because your opinion can sometimes HURT.


Maybe Crazyblox blocking you was him just joking. Message Received. Easy dub for Crazy.

That’s definitely unlikely

I know it is, because I’m obviously joking lol.

oh my mistake then haha

So what do you want me to do then ? Keep my opinion to myself ?

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i mean you should tell your opinion softly :shrimp:

So i’m been censored sweet…

I’m trying to be soft… maybe people think i’m rude where me i think i’m just been fine ?