Can I get a ultimate fe2 map making guide pls

Someone give me a ultimate fe2 map making guide pls

Found one made by extrememaster FE2 Map Making Basics for Dummies: The Unofficial Guide

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Occida made a map making academy thing on yt

Here all 5 vids in its

Ep 1 -

Ep 2 -

Ep 3 -

Ep 4 -

Ep 5 -

what do you exactly need help with though

Most of map making is just Roblox building with a twist, so look for tutorials on that
Although I feel like making a map making tutorial

everything lol


just look on youtube for basics like how to build, how _Fade1 and button works
those things are pretty simple
Get back to me when you don’t understand scripting

back here

@RealALFCreeper im ready

Scripting is simple

There is an entire instruction in the FEMAP
But if for example the Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._Barrier2,, -24, 0), 1, true)
IF you don’t understand this then let me explain:
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.[Part],[(0, -24, 0)], [1], [true])

This part here is how you will make the script identify what you’re trying to move
don’t change the Lib.Map
The part after that is how you will change.
For example if the part is in the Main map model, you will just need Lib.Map.[Part] (there is a dot between everything)
BUT IF you put the part inside a model which that model is in the MAIN model, you do:
Lib.Map.Model.[Part] (because it’s in another model so you need .Model)
2/, -24, 0)
You don’t need to change the Vector3 to anything, you only need to change the 3 numbers.
So basically the 3 numbers represents x, y ,z coordination with x and z are horizontal axis and y is vertical axis
If for example you want to make the lava rise for 20 (without going left or right) you do:, 20, 0)
If you want to make lava go horizontal then u can do:, 0 20), 0, 0). (This depends on your map’s orientation so u gotta measure it)
3/ 1, true
The number 1 is the time that the water takes to go to it’s destination so if u want it to go up by 20 studs in 10 seconds you change the number to 10. Keep in mind decimal numbers are also acceptable.

The “True” well uh, hard to explain so get help from somewhere else.

ok thanks that wouldve helped when i started
welp time to get advanced and active ones