Can someone explain me how Lighthouse is so special?

It’s weird that this particular map peeked Crazyblox interest, where out there they are MUCH more original/unique and fun maps to play that would fit more in FE2.
(examples would be Core, Rotate Room, Destination, most of noomlek maps, Enszo maps,…)
Can someone explain why it is so special ? Cuz me i find it linear and boring as all maps in FE2.


already rejected im not sure why you brought this up

pretty obvious tbh

similar to rotate room, it’s obvious

idk these are also maps some people want them to get in game

idk doesn’t really fit fe2

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also unique ≠ better

although the maps you mentioned are really unique, there are more factors that determine if the map has potential to get in-game

lets start of with core

Core was probably the best and most unique map in 2017, with spinning lasers and water walls. However, the problem with the map is lag. The spinning lasers may lag and well, lag. This is a roblox problem so Crazy can’t do anything

next is rotate room and destination. Although these maps are really unique, i don’t think advanced scripts would be allowed (different endings, secret buttons etc)

noomlek maps imo has good potential to get in game, plus many people would like ignis peak in game too.

im not too sure about enszo maps since they don’t fit fe2 at all

now lets talk abut lighthouse

lighthouse is a really unique map without any extreme scripts or crazy ideas. the theme is what makes it really unique. The map details and gameplay is similar to crazy’s style or generally fe2, which is why there has been a lot of hype around lighthouse.


I liked Lighthouse because of how unique it is. I also agree with DMinecraft999, it has similar gameplay to most of FE2 maps.


I don’t know anything about how Crazyblox adds maps into games

But what I know is that if it’s somewhat original and simple (or something FE2-styled), it could possibly get into the game

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but to me Construction Thrill feels more of an FE2 map than Lighthouse. Why isn’t there more hype on that map, or at least why is there not as much hype as Lighthouse for that map


is everyone ignoring how crazy said “a wave of maps”? you all are talking like lighthouse is the only one getting added. if its a wave theres gonna be more maps, probably construction thrill and stuff like that.


I hope my Easy map going to be added. Also another maps like Tangerine, Hidden Grotto, Construction Thrill, etc. going to be added too. And tbh this update may revive Flood Escape’s community.

Yeah but Lighthouse is where the most hype is

I doubt so with boombox banned and all

What? oh that’s not good. I liked Tangerine

same but/

its a map
the creator isnt the map

still doesnt mean any other map won’t get added lol. stop complaining atleast hes finally updating the game

yes but ne####, actually maybe not the best comparison


I know, right?! Just because everyone really likes Lighthouse doesn’t mean it’ll be the only one added. There are tons of other candidates for being added to FE2, like Tangerine and Asiatic Abode.


I just don’t understand how maps that got popular never got added, but the ones that got Crazyblox interest, that i never heard of them and get hyped for it…

It’s like Crazyblox asked for those peoples to make maps intentionally to be added…
(you can hate me for that comment i don’t care…)


Ikr, the way he added maps is so random.

if he adds “popular maps”

agitato is gonna get in lol
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