Can Someone Help Me With My FE2 Fangame

I need some FE2 scripts.

Can you guys help? I need stuff like:

  • Lift Cam
  • Menu GUI At The Bottom Of The Screen
  • Air Meter
  • Map Script
  • Swimmable Water and EventScript

I don’t need:

  • A Lobby
  • Some Other Stuff

Okie bai for nowies!

ok ill help u

do you have the scripts?

i posted this 2 hours ago and this neeeeeeeeeeeeeds revive

i suck at scripting, you won’t like me for this job

no stop making this smh

just saying, make ur original scripts or crazy may kill u :oof:

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but imm a bad scripter :frowning:

then stop developing it

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no tank u

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me 2 i suck

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me three