Can you post a map topic about a map remake?

I want to like make a map post about the Old Version of Overflow Remake I have made, but I feel like some map remakes aren’t allowed and some people think I stole overflow revamp. The truth is… I made the Old Overflow remake completely from scratch. To prove this, some assets or textures may not be in the map. I’m not a map stealer ok.

I haven’t made the post about the map yet.

So is map remakes allowed in map creations category?

  • Yes
  • No

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if yes, I’ll post the remakes.

Also using this topic to ping original map creators to get permission for posting map topics and stuff

You can make a map post about the the old version of overflow,You can prove the date of the creation and you are not a trap map,Just look at your content to your content, will not feel someone you create a replica map.

maybe ask kayo for permission?

Bouta post After The Glorious remake but im not sure if I have permission to. Also Michael is pretty active here so I can probably ping him

Or answer this poll idk:

  • Post it
  • Don’t post it.
  • Get Permission idk

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@Michael228p Can I post a remake of After The Glorious in #Map-Creations?

Uh sure? Sorry for late reply tho