Cancelled Collab. K bye

K bye

You should be a map maker team name. Remember TOMR (The Old Map Remakers)? Team name.

this sounds fun :smiley: can I join?

sure i love too ign codecody1245 discordCody#1619

this will be a mess

But why

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This is the no funny :mount_fuji:

I have lost the funny :mag:

Noooo :cry::hugs:

:hugs: :+1: Yeah…

Knockles Meme Approver I also need help finding the funny in this post :cry::cry:

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Searching for the funny… :mag:

The funny not found. You have failed the vibe check :x:

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tbh i need to try it because my dev team is a catastrophe, i am not ready to own megacollabs.

but we have only one life, so here i am.

Anac4nda/DressPress (yes , S_lots is my acc)

can i join


what is the map abt tho

Stop with the collabs it’s for your own sanity


Just wAtch the bus and you 'll understand

what the
can you stop

hOw DO I jOIn