(Cancelled) The Yangire {Mega Collab}

The Yangire

Im making a mega-collab around 25 - 30 Users, More info below there:

  • Info:

  • Name: The Yangire

  • Slots Left: 9 (Without testers)

  • Inspired: GD’s Mega-Collab Upcoming Level: The Yangire

  • Group Name: The Yangire Team


Builder Slots
  1. ENDLonely / GabrelTVplayer (Me)
  2. AMinneapolisSettler
  3. DevIsNotHere
  4. ExtremeMaster999
  5. Noobie / Jullakorn_Liam (Maybe)
  6. Troll_Man2017
  7. DullErrors
  8. Cromch
  9. Estheticalism / Hexi
Scripter Slots
  1. Spidey345678
  2. eliteXproX
Tester Slots
  1. Shaadth
  2. Gre3nEpoch
  3. Techychello2075
  4. Toad

Probably can be 25 Dev working so i will select some Dev of TUD (The Underworld Devs)
(NOTE: this is discontinued, is hard for me lead)

good luck handling that amount of devs
also is there a point in megacollabs anymore


you can be tester or builder if you want

ok sure
builder slot number 2
but i dont consider myself “good” i consider myself as a “meh”

Can you show me some of your builds

good+ = accepted too
meh = accepted
bad = tester
horrible = not accepted

note: 3 photos are old ones



mE WaNt JoiN.

new photo for the last photo

Ok, but builder, scripter or tester
EDIT: I Saw lol

builder ofc.

i will put later bc i will play KAT so bye.-.

I might build, it sound cool and I’m bored. Username: ExicIy (Copy paste it, there is a cheated l in there. ;D)

Wth is a Yangire???

basically it’s a geometry dash map made by dorami based off the game yandere simulator


I would like to be a builder, my skills aren’t bad but aren’t the best


Yes the last one is the Among Us Airship

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I can be a scripter for lava and doors
But I can only begin in may cause of exams
Is that ok

My username is Spidey345678 btw