Cant resize

I can’t resize a model, is it the wedges? If it is how can I fix it?

you can’t resize models

Okay in studio you can only resize models to make them smaller. You can’t make them bigger.

im trying to make it smaller

wait a sec i think i got it

all good now. Idk how i just selected parts and resized and remade a part i forgot to select

you can only resize normal parts, not models or unions

you can resize models and unions what do you mean

How long have you not used studio to say this

Probably 2016

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stop replying i did the resizing :frowning:

when you post a post, you’re allowing everyone to reply to your post

oh yeah time to put my status on this post mute

not the way you can to normal parts

Gonna clear this up then we can leave the post be

Model resizing can be done with the dragger, however there are a few conditions with this.

  • You can only scale the model down so much. Once one of the parts has at least one scale axis of 0.05, you can’t go any smaller.
  • The entire model will be treated the same way a part is when you hold [shift] and resize, or when you resize a union
  • If you want to resize along a single axis I’d recommend getting the plugin Building Tools by F3X.

You said you can’t resize models but even if it’s not the same resize method isn’t it still resizing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

well that is true