Can't use bodyvelocity in script

I put this script in a part (I did not insert any extra object) . It works well in Studio but broken in FE2 Map Test.

I change it to bodyposition and doesn’t have any question at all. This confuses me and I wonder if the first picture’s script has some problems.

(My English is not good so don’t laugh lol)

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I think the problem does not lie with me, since my script does work in studio, and using the “script.Parent” will not cause any problem in FE2MT.

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The script itself is fine. But, I do believe it’s due to FE2MT functionality does not allow things like this to execute. Will look into this to find a solution.

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Pretty sure bodyvelocity is also used for making water mechanics

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you mean bodyvelocity can be used in FE2MT?

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And now I’m still confused. If bodyvelocity really can’t be used in FE2MT, are there other ways to substitute it? I’m interested in the drop script at the beginning of UnderSci. I just need to modify it to rise
and allow players to move themselves.

Script into part. That’s where you went wrong. Try making this work in event script.

OK I’ll try (but my bodyposition script is also in a part and it can work) .

bodyvelocity and anything else with the same icon has been deprecated

read about the new ones here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/new-body-movers/33652


but I can use them in Studio. I can also use bodyposition and bodyforce in FE2MT. I just can’t use bodyvelocity in FE2MT so it’s very strange.

Still can’t solve it :sob: now I use a less good way to keep constant velocity but it has big deviation.

(btw idk why the reply don’t work so it looks that I’m soliloquizing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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you forgot to put a underscore in “for I, v in pairs”

It can work

Not sure if it can, because then it’ll break

the _ in for i,v in pairs can be either i or _.

@hnxtwyz Try to put that script into the event script, and make the parent of the touched "Lib.Map:FindFirstChild(“Part).Touched:Connect(function(hit)…”

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