Capsuled Alien [Tank]

Runnin’ out of Area 51 with a little alien in a capsule
You can see small spinny things inside the capsule

Price: 250 Coins

Overall - 20 Parts

17 Parts, 3 Meshes


wait do humanoids allowed???

oh no

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wait they are

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area 51 raid was cancelled

:crab: :crab: :crab:

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but we still have dem aliens :alien: :alien: :alien:



^ Alien Rave [Crab Rave sequel lol]


very dead meme
HAHA REVIVE on my own topic

very dead meme
HAHA REVIVE on my very own topic

omg i remember this

Try adding metal lining on the neon strips.

this was like a year ago, im not updating this any longer lol sorry

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OOH I like it