Cave System Map Review

Gonna review the new map in FE2 Alpha

ROOM 1 THOUGHTS: The room is pretty good, its not to hard to get that first button, even in a one player game. It has some pretty nice details, especially how the rope is broken on one of the platforms

ROOM 2 THOUGHTS: This room is similar to the first room, it has a slightly harder but not to hard parkour section for a button, and like room 1 has lots of detail put into it.

ROOM 3 THOUGHTS: Probably my least favorite room from the map. You get an airtank when entering here. Basically you just swim into the 4th room. One thing I do like here is the floating crates.

FINAL/ROOM 4 THOUGHTS: The best room in the map imo. I really like how it uses lava towers old camera style and that camera makes it so much more challenging. The challenge here is to press 4 buttons to fill in pipes, so you can open the exit. It doesnt have much detail but everything else about it is good

OVERALL THOUGHTS: 8.5/10 map. It has lots of detail, the theme is good in my opinion, and its not to hard or easy


Good review!

This kind of feedback is valuable to help make the game better, so keep it up :slight_smile:


uWu alpha cave system

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