Cave System (Old Version) [REMAKE]

:bar_chart:Status: Gathering Support, Finished, Looking for Feedback

:newspaper: Description of Map

Hello, welcome to another remake. This time, I have remade Old Cave System! I know this version of cave system was only playable when FE2 was in alpha. Sadly, the map got updated and now that version can’t be played no more. So here it is. Cave System Old Version Remake.

Map Info
Map Creator(s): Crazyblox (Remake by Inocular)
Map Id: 4912094710 :white_check_mark: (Contains previous remake projects)
Temp. Id: 3664854021 :white_check_mark:
Difficulty: Medium/Normal
:loud_sound: BGM: Freedom Planet - Final Dreadnought 2
Extra Info
:bar_chart: Map Status: Playable
:brick: Part Count: Unknown (Didn’t Check Yet)
Map Version: V.1
LDM Mode: :x:

Pictures / Videos of Map

Starting Room/Spawn:

First Room:

Second Room:

Swimming Section:

:video_camera: Videos of the map:

None at the moment.

Also big thanks to @Aranha_Blocks for helping on scripting the camera for the last room. Also for some reason, the map refuses to do the cam thing even tho it does do it when I test it on FE2 2017. But it will be later fixed. Once I can get on my laptop again (if I do have internet connection)

Now I just want to say for those who recorded the old cave system, Thank you for recording footage of the map. Otherwise this remake will be impossible.

ooo thats what i looked for a long time

thank you for remaking it!


Didn’t realize the pictures look really dark for dark screens.

This remake is accurate but as of this reply, there is no fixed camera in the swimming section at the moment.

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I really like this! I’m so glad this is finished! A couple of things you can maybe add.

  • Try to make the FogEnd smaller or the FogStart smaller because in the original version of the map, it’s way darker.

  • Maybe in the swimming part in the last room, see if you can do a camera manipulation just like it was in the old Cave System map. (Don’t know if you can, but see if you can give it a try)

I this helps out to make this remake better! :+1: :grin: :smiley:


good start

keep it up


Hey, I noticed this has been under my radar for a while so I tried it.
It’s fine but I noticed some inaccuracies. Note that I’m quite critical:

  1. Wedge right at the beginning is too steep
  2. I’m not quite sure if button functions exist during Alpha, the acid turns into water by itself on the actual build.
  3. Stair spacing on the first room is inaccurate
  4. EventScript is a no. The acid rises later.

Post-edit inaccuracies?:

  1. The hole that leads to the swimming section is probably accessible at all times. (except the 3rd button where you have to press it to actually enter it)
  2. HAHAHA 1ST BUTTON SHORTCUT HAHAHAH (but im not sure if thats also possible on the actual cs)

I’m not sure how to end this.


This is very cool since I never played the old one and also is this gonna be in Fe2 2017 remake?

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Since the FE2 remake is aiming for late 2017. It’s not gonna stay. But it will be a temporary map to play. Maybe 2018 map test soon. We’ll see. (If I can get the game to work lol)

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Yeah I don’t think the shortcut was found at all in the original or it did but it was can collide false (mostly not because you will literally fall out of the map)

Also the stair spacing, I know its not accurate, but walking on it is a bit climby. It’s probably because roblox had a different physic’s engine before they switched to the new one that is today where you wont slip on ice at all.

Update V.1.1

  • Added camera Manipulation (for some reason doesn’t work rn, even tho I got everything right. Just only works when I test it on FE2 2017, also thanks to Aranha_Blocks for scripting it)

Side Note: The change is not implemented on FE2 2017


halp localeventscript haytz me cen you do something asap

And I forgot to update it. Since FE2 2017 doesn’t have the update yet.

Also the swim up button scares me.

e p i c

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I’m pretty sure one of the local scripts (not the main one) sets the character’s jumping state to false. On the main local script, if it finds said script, it fires a BindableEvent (i suppose?) which is a child of the script.

On the bindSwimActions() function of the main local script, set the boolean of the swimJump’s bindAction line to false and remove the whole if then function setting up the button.

Also my script doesn’t use localeventscript lol

I think he is talking about FE2 2017 Scripts that set the swim button.

Oh lol xddd

I always wanted to play the older cave system. NOW I CAN! I can’t record it today or tomorrow, because I have a History test tomorrow, and a biology test later.

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Also btw, all map remakes I have worked or are being worked on are being moved to the same id as overflow remake. Which will be used to test all map Remakes i have worked on.


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