Change fog color

Can u change the color of the fog in your map using button functions? (post must be at least 125 characters. that is very mean)

i think before yes but now no more
EDIT: Crazyblox put back custom scripts so you can now (but idk the script)

no you still can

EventScript smartness

I would do it but I think I’ll make it too confusing to learn (Look at Filtration’s ambient tween)

You can easily do it, using FE2’s Effects folder, put all the effects you want into this folder. FE2 will clone them into lighting and prefix their name with “Map_”, so if you wanted to change a color correction, in event script, you would tween game.Lighting.Map_ColorName

but he said fog
colorcorrection affects the entire screen (including ui / gui)

Oh oops, then you have to manually tween the fog in lighting