Cheating Detected

HAs ANyOne got kicked causes of antivcheat in a map just for not doing anything wrong? I Am Making A Map And Fe2 CM Kicked Me I Am Not A hacker So What The Deal.

Anti-cheat is just really sucky and triggers false kicks, it should improve over time

I Know This Is Why No Anti-Cheat Is BEtter Than A Bad AntiCheat Crazy Kepps Patching Shortcus, keeps making Anti-cheat And Makes Un Trust In The Community I Dont Know Why He Wants THat But I Fell It Sucks

It’s to prevent hackers, it’s better to have some form of anti-cheat rather than hackers/exploiters cheating their way on the leaderboards

True But For The Rest Of US We Suffer?

Most of the time if you don’t make too many sudden movements or play maps that use increased speed/jump, wall jump spam, etc, it won’t trigger. It hasn’t triggered at all for me for about a week or two

any teleports or things

also why are you complaining about shortcuts being patched you were never supposed to use that route

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I Love Them Most Of Speedruners Need Them

doesn’t mean crazy should keep shortcuts that skip a large portion of the level

  1. Anticheat kicks you if they think your movement is not normal

Usually in maps because of

  • things that give you speed
  • very sudden change of (fast) movement
  1. please stop capitalizing every 1st letter in a word
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Take a good read, please : )