Chemical Factory

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welcome to the forums!
this should go in #map-creations, it should also follow map submission guidelines (map difficulty, list of creators, other important info)
also, it’s very unlikely that crazyblox will add this map because it doesn’t really fit the style, although a lot of effort is put in which is good
i would add SelectionBox to the boxes (outlines) but remove some since it’s very cluttered
some more pictures would be nice too
overall the map looks good, haven’t played it yet tho


awesome looking

just tune up graphics also give each box a different color maybe (no saturated colors however they will make the place look so eyesore)

I just forgot to make it Future when i screenshot it sorry

Ye for somehow i forgot to make it future when i as supposed to screenshot it

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Facilities often look cool in the color green, for some toxic looking stuff. Add some of pipes and tanks which imo look really good especially in blue moon.

Sincerely, Fatex, a yt with 60+ subs

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i didnt see this message but i added tank and some pipes im a comment reader :0

already done

already done bro

ok cool

When You Type Like This
im too unprofessional so idk what to say lol

yep XD