Chocolate Bar (TANK)

Hello Today I made a Chocolate Bar tank.

Price: 20 Gems
Parts: 14
Description: Yummy!

Without humanoid

With Humanoid

How does it look?

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  • Horrible
  • Bruh this looks like crap

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Out of Ten what would you rate it?

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Hope you enjoy!

Looks really good, ngl! +1 Vote from me! :smiley: :+1:


i dont like chocolate but i voted it cuz i want to promote ur creation

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Also, how do you put on your character? I can’t figure that out.

I didn’t attach it I just put my back to it

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because dummies don’t work for some reason

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i think its instance of an attachment or somthing in a script


i’m gonna say, your building is getting a lot better!

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its okay but it might need one improvement before haha yes your tank gets in fe2 heres some money

Yeah you heard that right, ONE improvement.

  • The chocolate itself is too large, make the lining more visible by shrinking some blocks of the bar.
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Thanks! I’ll decrease the size, thanks for the feedback!

How this is interesting plus effort.

+1 Vote

Gimme the chocolate now1!11!11!

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I’ll be updating this right now.

I decreased the size of the tank, does it look better?
Also do you have any other suggestions?

I meant the chocolate (not lining btw), not the tank itself. The lining was supposed to be slightly more visible.

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it looks better smaller anyway
ill make the outlines bigger thank you! :+1:

Actually the smaller linings in the chocolate look better.