🍬 Christmas Candyland [Still in development]

DISCLAIMER: This map is currently not close to being finished and doesn’t have an official release date. I’ve only done about 25 seconds of gameplay so far and my estimated max time is about 1:45 which is about 1:20 minutes more. Let’s hope that it gets finished and released before DECEMBER 18TH!!!

Status: 24% Done

ID: lets get the gameplay finished b4 I reveal it K?
Creator(s): FE2ist
Music: Kahoot Christmas Music 2016 (last time I am using Kahoot music)
Average Solo Completion Time: ???
Average Multiplayer Completion Time: ???
Maximum Time Completion: 1:45???
Part Count: ~800


Towering Section



Backstory (i guess): You enter a world full of Christmas Treats! What better way to enjoy your Christmas than swimming in Hot Chocolate, eating delicious treats, and well, dying basically.


  • currently as I test it, the map may be changed to a Crazy depending on if I choose to nerf it or not.
  • I made this quite late so it’s going to be out quite late (I made it a few weeks after Coldspot’s initial release)
  • No testers for now as it will be released pretty shortly

And yeah come back for more and when this get’s updated.

not bad!

please change the wall material to slate because it looks kinda bad ngl

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The structures are fine, but the colour and material choice is awful

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You are making like this project is sooooo bigblol but i dont seem like it does. The details is dull somehow

Slate is overused. I’m trying something different for now.