Christmas Candyland 🍬

Status: Finished.

ID: 2713442149
Creator(s): FE2ist
Button Count: 5
Group Button Count: 3
Total Button Count: 8
Music: Kahoot Christmas Music 2016 (last time I am using Kahoot music)
Average Solo Completion Time: 1:36
Average Multiplayer Completion Time: ???
Maximum Time Completion: 1:39
Part Count: 2399


Towering Section

Christmas Cave Room

Grassy Pit/Underground Room

Final Cave Room

Last Towering Part

The actual Christmas Candyland lol/The ending




Backstory (i guess): You enter a world full of Christmas Treats! What better way to enjoy your Christmas than swimming in Hot Chocolate, eating delicious treats, exploring a new world and well, dying basically.


  • I’ll still update it over the Christmas Break.
  • It took a lot of testing (like most maps lol) and lots of things were added but removed due to time constrain.
  • It may receive a slight buff overtime depending on the feedback


not bad!

please change the wall material to slate because it looks kinda bad ngl


The structures are fine, but the colour and material choice is awful


You are making like this project is sooooo bigblol but i dont seem like it does. The details is dull somehow

Slate is overused. I’m trying something different for now.

i think you should try concrete

It is finally released and testable. The pebble and colour at the start is suppose to indicate that you’re in a cake or something. I am not done completely as there is still detail need to be done but I am done with map making for now. Anyways, here’s the ID and enjoy!


when you spend thirty-five minutes on an insane

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Testing it rn

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i am but editing

and going to give a review


how is your life when you make a review but yt says its too long

i also said crazy wow

although i do think its tough for an insane

This should be a crazy imo

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My Opinions On This Map:


I really like the details it looks way better then my garage Christmas map. I’m might quit making maps for FE2 due to bad building skills.
So it Very nice



The gameplay is decent but the second lava kinda rises too fast for an insane and jumps fit the difficulty well.


Music Choice:

Once again Kahoot music



The scripts are kinda too hard for insane imo, it should be a crazy. But the gameplay is fine and fun.


Total: 28.4/40 Decent

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Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve tried multiple times to nerf the lava speed in the Christmas Cave room but I just cannot seem to make it go slower. I may change it to a crazy so people are more known of the lava speed but it honestly doesn’t take long to beat as long as you do short cuts and stuff seeming as Radio completed it within an hour after it was released.

Yeah the kahoot music is nice too I really wanted to use it in a map somehow and I found out how. That will (maybe) be the last kahoot music I will use for my maps as there are plenty of other musics out there.

The details are meh for me as it needs more details in some of the last rooms. Mainly because I wanted to get it out as soon as possible and make the gameplay good too.

Thanks once again though!

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Would be nice if this was a crazy.

Because some lavas rise fast

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Should I keep the difficulty as insane or nerf it to crazy?

  • Insane
  • Crazy
  • hard

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Next up

Should I nerf it, keep the same difficulty (no nerf or buff), buff it or buff it and make it crazy?

  • Nerf It
  • Don’t Do Anything
  • Buff It
  • Buff It + Make it Crazy

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Okay that’s it for polls rn. Don’t forget to try it before voting and while you play map test!



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Christmas Candyland has been nerfed and now it’s no longer as hard as it use to be. I’ve removed some jumps and added some things. I’ve finished the detail as well. The lava still rises the same. I may add arrows overtime and a potential slight buff in the near future.


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TheFloodBuild will approve of this revive

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