Chronos (chars)

Before people come and attack me honey wanted me to do this. Give him some feedback and uh that’s it. I think honey doesn’t feel safe here so ill make the post for him.

Well here are the details I guess:

Status: I am guessing WIP
Map Name: Chronos
Creators: honey _wasps


well i hope we can make this map better in some way if there is feedback :+1:

You are guessing…?

My opinion in pictures:

This map have a biggest potential to be good, Ilike the decoration, theme and other things you (honey_wasps) used in this map, but I think the wall are too empty in decoration, it need more decoration, like the pipes too, this map for me, it a completed map (means it’s awesome for a wip).

I’m friends with that guy

It’s the creator of this map if you didn’t noticed.

I know, just saying

could u put more pics? looks kinda short

I don’t like how the boss were remade

Looks quite simple and walls are empty

i will say whatever i think of, even if it’s rude:

What a coincidence
there was a dude on the forums who name was chronos and he said he was one of the godly builders

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Why are people reviving this hhhh

dead map now lol

trying to change, sorry.

I read the title:

Chronos (chairs)

hi honey

who you?

DressPress aka. Anac4nda


ok sorry btw