Clash: revamp progress [Out]

its out already so…

125 symbols ._.



Feedbacks about details?

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make the neon less bright because it kinda hurts my eyes right now.


too much cyan, eyes hurt.

overall going good so far

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also the original clash’s details were on point but now its just a little bit overdetailed imo.


not bad but tone down on the neon a bit


just flood and swim when

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i don’;t like the toothpaste neon at all but i like the design

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Okay, i made it less bright. There still a lot of neon, i know but i will try fix that. Otherwise before/after pictures:

Asking for feedbacks again


try maybe changing the blue shade in the middle structure, and try implementing light violet

also set environmentalspecularscale to 1 in lighting

also yeah make sure some of the neon emit pointlights


Nvm. also epic map, i love it!

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Well, i think its last time i post something here
I finally find out how to fix a intense brightness
There is a BllomEffect in Lighting, that makes neon less or more brighter
So, here results:
(First picture with BloomEffect, second without)

Thank you all for attention. I hope i will finish it really soon


This is clash 2021 yay

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Try changing the neon colors to a more good color since it’s basically just cyan.

Good colors such as Steel Blue goes well.

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In my notes already.

very poggers

hoping this will be less cramped

doesn’t fe2 use environmentdiffusescale 1 not environmentalspecularscale?

ah i remember this map
try to stick to one shade of blue, or use another appropriate color for the neon

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maybe, i suck at remembering details tbh

It’s very cool!