Classic Heights 🎮

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted
ID: 2706692051 (Temporary)
Creator(s): Azuraic
BGM: Metal Masters - Metal Beat
Button Count: 5 Normal Buttons

Description of Map:
If Sky Sanctuary and Retro ROBLOX had a child it would be this. This takes place in the 2006-2008 era of ROBLOX.

Pictures/Videos of Map:

RobloxScreenShot20190914_232911310 RobloxScreenShot20190914_232929746

By @TwiistedPandora (Starts at 5:09)

By @RichardIosRBX

By @veteckyouknow (This might not be his account, be aware!)

epic lol

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Excited to see a low poly map! Nothing I can suggest! Can’t wait to test this map! You’ve got my vote!

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Map Revoow :clap:

Haven’t done one of these in while…

Okay so this map is pretty cool. Classic ROBLOX themed maps aren’t commonly seen, so it’s cool to see one. I’m not gonna ramble about the design as of it’s meant to be blocky and I understand that. One thing I just want to mention is the portals. The top part needs to be smaller as of it looks weird imo. Also add some islands that are inaccessible as detail. Anyways, moving onto gameplay.

Gameplay is nice. Not sure what difficulty you are aiming for though. I suggest the map to be longer, as of it’s very short. A major problem I have is once you fall down…

You. Are. Dead. Legit there’s NOTHING you can do to get back up. I mean at least in Sky Sanctuary you can actually get back up by the ladder (that most people don’t see). I suggest adding this as of this map can possibly be unforgiving for new players. Oh and this:

Make this CanCollide False. Legit you can just walk on this and skip the parkour. I’ll make another review and change my rating if you make these changes. Also the music fits perfectly!

My overall rating: 8/10

That’s really about it. No additional comments from me!


I played this and I am a big fan of this.

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which diff is it lol

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Well idk ok? I’m not gonna assume it’s a Normal. It’s probably aimed for something other than that.

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Can’t really say anything abt blockyness since it’s retro/old rblx themed
Details too

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ah yes the theme i used to like in late 2017 - october 2018

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@DominoContributing Can I have this changed to Map Creations Medium? Thank you in advance.

i just wanna say “mlg pro” but aaaaaaaaaaaaa

stop 2012

I type way too fast when typing these lol

Lol ok

If it was modern-day games, overall would be about 4/10 (needs at least 6/10). But back then, it would have had a 7, or 8/10. I like the classic ROBLOX theme though, and is e :b:ic enough for a vote.


The map has been edited ith your suggestions. Ladders and parkour stuff e.e


how do ui make SUCH good maps ;-;


Creativity probably ^-^

2008 ROBLOX x FE2 map :lennyface:


Looks nice, but it’d also be cool if you made custom buttons.
(you literally need 3 parts: light, plate, and hitbox. That’s it.)
you got a vote!