Cliffside Ravine (Sinkhole Map) (WIP)

Status: Gathering Support

Recently, small developers have been making maps for flood escape 2, I happen to be one of those small devs.

Cliffside Ravine

so far, this map is going great. while it is still a W.I.P., this map is nearly finished as of 6-25-2020. only one room to go. this map is a map based off of an old sinkhole. right now, there are only 3 rooms that are (and will) be made as of the first release. while this map is almost done, it still does not have BGM, or a name. right now, all I can do is show few pictures.



right now, the map has 8 buttons (most are not placed in their spots yet.) I will do my best to describe what they do, where they are, and how to get to them.

This is the spawn area. (above) there are 2 buttons, which are both quick and easy to get to. the first button activates a pillar which will allow you to get up to the top of spawn. The second button makes the fences disappear allowing access to the second room.

This is the third button, pressing this allows players to leave this cavern by creating a truss on the hanging top pillar.

before entering this cave, there is an area atop the cavern which you can press the forth button in order to access this cave. there are two buttons here.

this is the fifth button. pressing this will allow access through a door to get an air tank.

This is the air tank room. everyone will come here to get the air tank, and there is also the sixth button here. this will open the pipe beside the fifth button.

This is the second half of the cave, you will exit the pipe and right above it will be a button. this button will open the door to allow access to the final room. from this point on, the map is a W.I.P.

This is the door that the seventh button will open. this will allow you to hop in to the final room.

This is the final room. There will be a button under the waterfall that creates a truss to get to the next platform. keep in mind this is all a W.I.P.


This is the finished product. Ill start of with the map image, then ill go and show all images of the map. the map has 10 buttons currently. Link to the model here: https://web.roblox.com/library/5242255673/Model


hopefully the last update/nerf/revamp/buff that this map will get before release, here are the new pictures:

looks cool so far, but the boxes seem like a free model

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did you make those trees yourself?

no, a friend helped me but I think they got the idea from an asset folder with tree models. I might fix the trees later, for now I need to finish the map. but feel free to state your opinion, if you think I should fix something, tell me!

boxes are a free model, gonna fix that later. just trying to get a feel about how the gameplay of the map is going to be.

Kinda inconsistent terrain thickness, either make all the terrain thick or thin

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Do you mind elaborating? terrain thickness in the grass, stone, dirt, or all in general? thanks for the feedback! I can try to fix that after I finish the map.

The grass

alright I understand now.

inconsistencies like these, the grass on the middle platform is smaller than on both sides. I get you. I may fix that later but I thought that the ridiculously large grass on a super small platform would make it look stupid, so I made it small. but a little too small. I will change this size of the grass, but I will have to keep it considerably small.

tell me if this looks better, I think I can do this to all platforms as long as it looks a bit better.

Look better imo

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Fixed many or all of the platforms with inconsistent grass, ngl thanks to you guys the map looks 10x better

11x, yes

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added button 7 and 8 to there posts, might change the position of button 7 later though, I think its a little weird compared to the pipe…

Room look empty

yeah, I just noticed that, ill change it later, (procrastination lol)

Try making detail wall and the parkour

yup, definitely gonna do that, maybe some crystals like in the cavern area? along with some wedges and maybe small stalactites/stalagmites? idk ill figure something out lol

who else thinks this is a view for the map image?

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maybe some detail to the left side…