💥 Closing Time [FINISHED!]

Status: Gathering support, whitelisted, COMPLETED
Difficulty: Crazy (Sorta?)
Creator: justinchua2006
ID: 4454433627
Map Description: One of my biggest projects yet, an industry that is going to be self destruct. This map was inspired by a Dark Deception OST called “Closing Time”, this is probably the first map that used an OST from a franchise that no one ever used.

After 4 (or 3) months of work, the map has been finished developing! Credits to some people for the suggestions to make the map more improved and better, such as @Inderio (Irla_stas) and @Overminted. (The rest of the pictures will be added soon)

Please note that some detail ideas were actually from Eradicated Facility and noomlek’s industrial maps, since I don’t have any ideas to detail in the map, keep that in mind.

Spawn area
This is where you’ll start your journey through the factory.

On the left side of the corridor that connects to the spawn area, there’s a button you need to press before going through a pit of… Orange juice, yeah
(The opened box that looks different is a Dr_Right2 reference btw)

This corridor has a huge… pit with totally orange juice in it. The red wires connects to the 1st button that makes that unoriginal platform appear.

At the end of this pit thing, there’s a doorway that leads to the large main room, but it was barricaded by planks, if only you have a crowbar…

Ah yes, the crowbar is in the storage room, but there’s burning oil in the way…

Storage room
Not the best room among the rest of the other rooms, but it’s still quite decent, isn’t it?
(don’t ask about the “we’re dead anyway” writing on the wall, it’s just oil alright)

Some Spotlight reference room
YeS, AnOThEr SpOTLiGht rEFErenCe, JuSt lIkE WhAT AfTeR CoMBinATiOn has.
(search up Spotlight: Afterlight if you don’t know what I mean)

Large main room
My favorite room, this room just takes me a lot of effort (and detail ideas are taken but oh) with Eradicated Facility style and noomlek style, nice.

(The button in this image is button 4, not button 3)

Don’t worry about the shortcuts on the pillars, they’re CanCollide false. Except for that one behind the reactor in this image.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated, thank you!



how did you building so fast?

so cool


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Hmm, one suggestion is add some fog, another one is tried to remove text that are not necessary, such as “Main Room”, “Storage Room” :wink:



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This map doesn’t have that much support
prob because I’m an underrated map maker

Prob no

I’m very underrated than you and my map has more votes than you :P

this map is good
but i suggest adding a bit of fog
such as red or black, or dark red

but ye too much pictures lol

you guys can also give me tips to make crazy gameplay

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Wall Hoping, fast gameplay and longs jumps

wall hopping no thanks
fast gameplay and longs jumps yes please

try making longer jumps
try not to put a lot of wraps and .5 poles for better gameplay

and also why does it spam “self destruct initiated” constantly

i can already hear the “BRRRRRRRR”

it’s the OST
(quite weird)

oh wow

(god dammit why max likes limit exist)

So basicaly the “self destruct sequence has been initiated” line thing that is being repeated for like every 5 seconds was the BGM itself

wow that sucks

I don’t really mind it at all since it’s actually the main plot to the map

ok that’s weird and odd
why a
u used that same image on few maps, is that right, well not trying to be rude

yes I add images now suht up or esle I’ll put you into the pit filled with totally orange juice (joke)