Coldspot 🌨

RELEASE DATE: Friday, November 8th, 2019.

Status: Completed. Gathering Support
ID: 2393493110
Difficulty: Normal
Creator(s): FE2ist
Tester(s): @TheFloodBuilder
Button Count: 6
Part Count: 3405
Water Phases: Acid, Lava
Audio: Kahoot - Christmas Special (yeah so what if I use Kahoot music lol I may use it one more time)
Backstory: After being in a car crash on one slippery December afternoon, you [guys] stop fighting and run as the pipes in the sewer break and the road near you is damaged leading to a flood.



Second Button

Third Button

Broken/Closed Road

Fourth/Fifth Button

Flood Headquarters/Towering Section




  • I will still be updating this map after it’s release date unlike Trick or Flood
  • The fire emitter will not be changed. That’s how I want it to be
  • You may ask to be a tester. I may only accept 2-3 this time
  • This is a big revamp of Tiny Snowfall (if you haven’t realized)
  • Leave me suggestions (apart from removing the fire)
  • Don’t mind about the cars please I’m bad at them
  • I didn’t use a free model for one of the cars. I remade it into my own version using a few unions
  • Vote for it if you enjoy it!

Are there free models
I pretty sure the boxes are free models

Oh, that one is cold!
Fun fact: it’s 2th november for me lol

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Which picture? I’m guessing your talking about the beginning room (first picture). Those are just decals. I can change them if you’d like.

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Can I Test the map?

default fire particles
thats a big no no

also tiny snowfall is better lol

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i cant stand them ok lol

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me too lol

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okay why are the trees so ugly lol
particles look weird but ok
yellow brick doesnt fit
downtown sign scretched a lot
cars are poorly made

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can you just put more effort into the trees? thanks

I’ll try updating them soon.

I want them to be like that.

I could change it to brown if you’d like.


This was like my first time making cars on roblox. And I am not good at them.

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Okay I’ll DM you on discord the current ID since the tester feature broke.

btw here is a video if you guys are interested

I don’t really undertand fire in a winter wonderland that big but ok :man_shrugging:

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Holy that’s smart


Brrr…t-too…c-c-cold :cold_face:

Haha LOL my sister is doing a funny dance in the snow and is getting ice is developing on her :joy:

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nice map
tiny snowfall has a special charm
idk but the gameplay in this is better, but it is worse


Not funny didn’t laugh