Collab ye lol

Yes. I know, that there are too many collab requests and other collab type stuff in the forums, but I don’t care xdd
Anyways, who wants to collaborate with me on a map based on Undertale? The map is called “Ruins” which is, obviously, a recreation of an Undertale level named Ruins
Slots (builders) [FULL]

    1. DMinecraft999
    1. alternoobive
    1. vbuck12345678

Slots (scripters) [FULL]

    1. SzymonBLOX
    1. RadioDashGames

Might join as a builder

got ya!

does the scripting need to be so advanced or can it be normal scripts? I can join as a scripter

and yes i quit map making, but I might still be scripting maps

normal scripts

that’ll do

got ya!

I’ll be a builder lol

got ya!

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hmmm maybe as i l0ve undertale

scripter i guess

The scripters slot is now full!

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Builder role please ;-;
You know how I build right-

Builders slot is now full!

I might just actually quit the collab. Would make me stress a lot.

ok then i’m removing you

Builders slot is not full now since matzareb left

Moi pls I’m vbuck12345678

Builder slot is full, again!

so when are we starting lol