CoLLAB++++++++++ πŸ₯€

  • vis_#9480
  • @Visual_VDvanox
  • EDT

Stuff I’ve worked on by myself:

Stuff I’ve worked on with friends and/or mutuals:

i forgot some of the things i helped with so there might be more but i have no idea lol

You know you can just google what your timezone is right?


is BST (Brazillian Standard Time)

Not even leaked yet tho…
But yeah

1 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ codylewis#4588.

2 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ codecody1245grrrr.

3 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ Im not gonna tell you

4 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ We did an mega collab!

custom text#3938
Hotel Sponge 🏨 (pics are not up to date of the map)
Harmonic Plateau πŸƒ

I’d Like to join
Discord: Cromch#1103
Roblox: CromchyNuggets
Timezone: ACST
Maps: Strawberry Springs, and other cancelled maps because the kit kept updating.

1 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ prtomos#4123

2 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ @prtomos (ProdigiousPrtomos)

3 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄ CST - USA

4 : ΰͺœβ€βž΄

  • Lumber Valley June 2020 - Sept 2020


  • Latent Boscage April 2022 - June 2021 ~ WIP


arrow physics

i think is some type of like, flower ravine idk

the map btw

I’m sorry. I’m not able to join but I hope this CoLLAB gets an A plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus.

May be hard to communicate with you without discord, sorry!

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Can’t seem to friend you.


oh I meant to put custom text#3935, sorry!

  1. N/A ( do but im not active there)
  2. King_Swagger28 (Display name is SwaggersWorld)
  3. PST
  4. Lava

also do we need to have discord to join the collab

i think so for communication

I’ll join only if there’s enough people.

How much is β€˜enough’ for you?