🔥 Collapsed Base (Crazy) (V2 in progress)

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Wait… WHAT? Another Amethyst Base SHUTDOWN?! NO WAY!!

Status: Not playable, will release v2 eventually but please give it time. It will return to its original ID but later ok?
BGM: The Robbery(a) by ROBLOX
Difficulty: Easy/Normal Crazy (kinda buffed)

~~ Backstory ~~

(the other story didn’t make much sense at all :joy:)


The elevator you came in to try stop it all

The 1st button lays on the right side of this picture (hidden from view)

The second button

A hallway with some parkour (kinda inspired by Chrominus Lab) (the 3rd button lays there)

The back area of the hallway

A hole that makes 2 truss beams appear after pressing the 3rd button

A storage room with the 4th button

A hole that leads to another hallway (with weird details but ok)

Another hallway that leads up to the Clogged Problems facility (the 5th button acts as a dynamite that makes the glass break)

The Clogged Problems hallway (hopefully you remember this facility area)

Another storage rooms (at the top of the Clogged Problems facility)

A random hallway with broken floor with lava (here lays the 6th button)

A little hole that you have to go through a vent after you press the 6th button (it makes the lava descend to make it a bit easier)

A vent leading you to a huge cavern (I SWEAR I BUILT THE VENT IT’S NOT A FREE MODEL)

The vent’s end (the cavern area)


A door that leads to a new facility

Videos (pls make xD)
Haibara1 (:clown_face:)


This map is in wip as I am now creating a v2, idk if v1 returns (hopefully not). I am making the design look better than it would have in v1, also I would replace some rooms.

matzareb/ Irla_stas.

a repost?
ask a mod to lock the other one

yes it is a repost

idk how to do that tho

ping a mod and ask them to close the other topic

i did so

time for videos to start rolling xDDDDD

Map Revoow :clap:

Okay this map I must I say is pretty detailed. I like some the rooms, however the cavern has way too stalagmites imo. Also the ending is meh. I mean it’s alright but feels very odd. ALSO JAILBREAK MUSEUM MUSIC??!! WHAT IS THIS, A ROBBERY? I mean the music is kinda weird. I know it is a Crazy and that the music is meant to intense and fast-paced, but still.

Okay gameplay. First off the smoke is so annoying. It blocks your view, so I barely knew where to go. Also the pipe that dropped down after button 2, not a huge fan, but I’ll you some slack, it’s a Crazy. After button 3, I didn’t know how to get to button 4. Blue Moon had somewhat a guiding path so you at least know where to go. Sonoran Citadel had arrows to guide players. This was a pretty confusing one imo. But that’s probably just because I suck at FE2. So again, I’ll cut some slack.

My Overall Rating: 7.9/10

It could definitely be improved and could be little less confusing. But since the map is legacy, I won’t be able to see some of those updates. :confused:


use low detail then

plus the smoke has to be visible, it wouldn’t look as collapsed with only fire

then decrease it a bit

maybe we should add arrows xd

it is acrazy so now

you still need to make your map a bit navigable
but if you don’t want to then ok

i don’t want to

it’s still easy but like, it’s not very confusing for me xDDDDD


no it’s not a robbery XD

i had to insert this bgm because it actually syncs to the map plus BTR ost is overused

bloccy and the music doesnt fit tbh
why onli crazi mapas ;o;

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the music syncs to the lava rising plus intense xDDDDD


  1. well its a facility
  2. the music syncs a bit and he cant find anything else
  3. its the only difficulty this map was compable to