Colliding Worlds (Finished and Released!)

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Feedback, Finished
Description: My 4th map, and so far this is my hardest. Also there are some rooms that look like its from other maps. Which is basically blue moon and digitalization copy. This is not inspired from those maps (or are they) This map is basically a challenge. Also patched a shortcut (because some of my friends found it) and I decided to patch it and nerf the map a little. Also the map name already tells you whats happening.

Backstory: When you escaped from the worlds colliding to each other, you end up in a big facility with a control panel. One of your team mates use it and a door opens. And its a portal to another world. You and your team mates fell into it, and there is no escape now. You entered in a world that is colliding with other worlds, and there is no escape. The flood will rise in a minute so move quick.

Map Info:
Creator(s): InocularGaming
Map ID: 4012439760
Difficulty: Medium Crazy
Bgm / Music Used: None (please suggest one!)

Update Log

Nothing yet.


Videos: (There’s none sorry)

The moderators check your map to do this post?

Im waiting 2 posts from moderators check :confused:

This is ok

For the music: Have the normal version to

I like this music :v

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Transitions look weird ngl


Yeah i know

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I meant the map but ok

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I meant the music but ok

And the map the transitions look very annoying for me.

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I would like you if you used this ost for your map:

(Yes it’s from a fan game cuz why not lmao)

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You are not alone lol

And in my opnion for the best musics from games, are from the sonic games

Alright Im’a use that one. If I have the music id for it.

looks great cept for the neon cubes it’s an overused texture but still got a vote

(I found this game and I have no idea why I’m speaking Arabic lmao

I like this map.
But uh, what do I say? I don’t like digital part pretty much :confused: .

Whats the name of the game? lol

i think its called medic i like kpop

The digital rooms should have wedges to cover the blockness

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Yeah I guess your right

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Btw @InocularGaming, there should be a good and bad ending

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Good Ending, End up in the FE2 Lobby
Bad Ending, End up in Burning Ruins