Color Code

Status: Gathering Support

Welcome to another rushed map creation
But for real tho, this map was rushed for a speed build.
Map Info:
Creator: InocularGaming(me)
Map ID: 3691250297
Difficulty: Hard
Music: Waterflame - Arcade Punk (Instrumental Mix)

Description of Map
So far my 3rd map and this map might be confusing for you. So the map color code has colors, but they each have a code. Here is the code.
White: Nothing
Bright Blue: Ladder
Dark Blue: Water
Green: Acid
Red: Lava
Orange: Walljump
That’s pretty much you need to know.

Pictures / Videos of Map

InocularGaming(Literally me)

The map lacks a lot of detail and it’s really bright.

Since the map is called colour code,I suggest you add more colour. And Ik it’s hard to add details to these kind of maps, but try to at some details

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Oh, also there will be a lot of ppl saying “dIgGtOzAlKkmZAtIOn cOPYy!1!!1!1!1!
YOU BuG NoBb UnORiGinSL geTAa LifE mAke yOUr oEN MaP nOob”


I said it was rushed

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Complaining about everything won’t work lol

I wasn’t complaining just informing him of the people giving criticism as “unoriginal” “digitalization copy”

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This map is not inspired from digitization or digitalized. It’s just a map, not a copy.
People say it’s a digitization copy because of the wall texture.

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Saying this won’t help make the map any more original. It lacks originality and quite some detail.

Color Code is a really nice map, and it’s a fun challenge!

The gameplay is really nice. The details and the designs looks great! The BGM really fits, and it sounds really amazing. :+1:
I’d recommend adding the sign, so then the people will know where to lead in the next room.

You deserve a vote. Nice job! :smile:

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did anyone even read this lol


I was about to say that wasn’t nice until I read the post.

Cool concept, gameplay looks fun, however possibly overused style. Overall: 3.8268/5 stars

Wth 3.2868 LMAO

no, 3.8268

I made a video if you need help how to play the map.

Yeah sure thats “informing”

I literally said that bruh

I somewhat like this map. I suggest maybe looking at maps like “Regain Control” or “Digitalized”

I don’t usually don’t recommend maps like Digitalized since I find unappealing to me but I find that you really should. Map name is really nice. Not gonna repeat suggestions from other people as of you already know and probably consider it.

offtopic but uh
hasnt anyone realize how phex is 100% postitive all the time in the community