Completing Blue Moon solo for the first time ever

Amazing achievement in my part I gotta say.

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low detail

so cool

I got to the jump into the Wall Jump Area. I hit the edge of it, I should of climbed but it didn’t let me. I was so damn close

Wish you good luck in the future. Also, want to practice more today?

Not today but Saturday probably. Or Friday. Probably Saturday. I dunno. I’ll send you a message on here when I can.

I also did it a second time after that and made it in 1:40.

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Well done. Blue Moon becomes easy when you practice it after 50 or so times. There are also some helpful shortcuts you can take to make the map slightly easier/faster.

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I can’t beat it solo, due this final part :/

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Good job. I get close to beating it solo but I always die when I get near the exit region.

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For me beating Blue Moon is way more harder solo but I find it easier on mutiplayer because people can carry you.

And good job! :+1:

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Fun fact:I havent passed the first room yet.

those shortcuts are like jumping a 12 stud wrap lmao