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jesus christ too much neon

neon ⠀

GreatSylexie approves

so much neon

also the colors aren’t very original

could be better

it’s okay if it was your first map since it’s from 2019
though too much neon

Too much red but cool

The map looks really cool!

I would suggest using less neon, or changing its transparency.

The neon could be turned into a less bright version but other than that the map looks spot on :+1:

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Why does the name look similar to Dr_Right2’s map

Cool map, red color is hurting my eye

the map looks pretty cool,but the swimming part SUCKS,you should fix the one where you need to go in the middle

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It’s a beautiful map, really serious, it has aura, wow! But, I have to confess to the neon it hurts my eyes, so you might as well change the color of the neon to a less bright one. :+1:

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sorry bud underground maps don’t rely on heavy neon usage

telling what to improve is unexistent

ok then

cut down on neon holy
if there are free models, remove them as they are despised by the community

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I can barely see anything in the first picture

we said to cut down on neon not deleting the whole map jeez :neutral_face:


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