Could a FE2 admin whitelist my map?

You heard the title, could a admin whitelist this map
(roblox is being a rat and not letting me overwrite my other whitelisted map.)

The only to whitelist your map is this game/place.

Note: Only Crazyblox has to buy it to whitelist.

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bruh crazyblox is NEVER gonna whitelist anybody’s map.
reeeeeeee i wish someone could just whitelist it

he whitelisted a week ago

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Map test is no Longer waiting 6 months to whitelist lmao

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He now whitelists maps more frequently.

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You can check the sequal of the whistlisted maps in Official FE2 discord.

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I got banned in the discord server a year ago for getting mad over a font and color of my icon and they perm banned me lmao

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You could follow @fe2game on twitter to see the queue cleared up.

yes revivus again because!1!1!1!1!1