Crazyblox Games Discord Rules


1: Respect all members of the Crazyblox Games Discord

2: No NSFW/inappropriate content allowed in any presentable form this includes but is not limited to

  • Discord Username
  • Any Embeddable or Uploadable Content
  • Voice and Chat Content (This includes swearing)
- Username Rules
  • Do not set your Username as everyone.
  • Do not set your Username as Personal Information.
  • Please make sure your Username is readable and does not create clutter.

3: Discussing Banned Topics

  • From time to time some topics may be banned from the server

4: Do not spam in both text and voice channels

5: Pinging Other Users or Staff is classed as spam if you do not have a valid reason for the ping or the user receiving the spam does not want you to be pinging them.

6: Users with Low Quality / Laptop / Broken Microphones are urged to use Push-to-Talk to static sounds coming from your Microphone. To learn how to enable Push-To-Talk Please Visit This Discord Support Article and scroll down to Mode 2: Push-to-Talk.

7: Please do not advertise in the Crazyblox Games Discord Server this includes

  • discord.gg Server Invite links

  • Roblox Group’s

  • Advertising your game (Unless you are posting it with reason such as wanting to play a game with someone else)

  • Anything else the moderation team might deem rule breaking.

8: Talking about politics is a banned topic although some News Stories may be deemed acceptable ask a Moderator or Higher to get it checked before you post it.

9: Raiding the Crazyblox Games Discord server will result in a instant ban.

10: Do not harass other users through DM’s or by other means through this server

11: Bypassing bans through the use of alternate accounts is forbidden.

12: Follow Discord TOS at all times. Discord TOS

13: Do not Discord call any members of the Crazyblox Games team.

Be aware that you can and will be moderated on anything we deem to break rules that are not listed above.


I believe rule 10 still applies here and people shouldn’t just flag posts left and right pinging mods for nothing, should be requirement to include reason in the mod ping



Will make sure to follow through with these rules on the Discord Server.


wheres rule 10

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Minor Numbering error fixed :+1:


Nice, I read everything


Basically the same rules as before, but I do see that some of the rules such as Rule 7 and Rule 2 also includes examples of what go against the rule.

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Are we not tolerated to use curse words in euphemisms for 7+, too?
E.g. freaking, dangit/darnit, what the heck


there should be a rule about sockpuppets and impersonating other members

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It is impossible to impersonate others as the ability to change nickname has been revoked by crazy and you are now forced to use your roblox verified username

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D: well what happens if you spam a johnny test made outa .s


I already read it Remember…??? :neutral_face:

i read it.

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What are the commands for CrazyBot?

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There should be a help command with the Crazybot prefix.

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I can’t go to discord the invite has expired.
Can you give me a invite?

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Umm sure…

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That’s what it says but it it the server invite link

Rules are necessary otherwise people will take wrong advantage of it.

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thx dude for the link the link on this website had expired so thx.

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