Crazyblox Games Forum Moderator Applications

We’re looking for new Forum Moderators to keep the Community Forums fun and safe for everyone making sure everyone follows the Forum Rules.

Closing Date - March 1st
Apply Here -


Q: Why are Discord and Forum Moderators being split up?

A: It means one team can have more focus on one community aspect meaning more of an active community!

Q: Can Discord Moderators be Forum Moderators too?

A: Yes, if I deem they are possible to do so.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: Yes, you need to be 13+ to apply! :slight_smile:

Top Tips -
Make sure to be active on the Crazyblox Games Forum!, We want people to start getting involved more with the community!, I’m also looking for new suggestions for Categories that you can DM me.
DM ME HERE! :slight_smile:.