Crazybot Handguide


What is Crazybot?
To help with Moderation we’ve installed our own hosted version of Red Discord Bot the fully custom self hosted Discord Bot. We’ve added this to add more Community Features and Moderation tools to help better run the Crazyblox Games Discord. You can see the commands that are currently activated on Crazybot with more to come in the future… Stay Tuned! :robot:

Last Updated: 8th February 2018

All commands start with ";"

General Commands

8 - Ask 8 ball a question
choose - Chooses between multiple choices.
flip - Flips a coin… or a user.
lmgtfy - Creates a lmgtfy link
poll - Starts/stops a poll
roll - Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)
rps - Play rock paper scissors
serverinfo - Shows server’s informations
stopwatch - Starts/stops stopwatch
urban - Urban Dictionary search
userinfo - Shows users’s informations

Crazyblox Bank

To open an account do “;bank register”

bank - Start all commands with bank (Example: ;bank balance)
leaderboard - Server leaderboard
payday - 120 Free Credits (Limited to once per hour)
payouts - Shows slot machine payouts
slot - Play the slot machine

Music (Beta (Coming Soon))

Coming Soon

local start Flood Escape 1 - Play’s Flood Escape 1 Music
local start Flood Escape 2 - Play’s Flood Escape 2 Music

Flood Escape Trivia

Coming Soon

trivia - Start a trivia session with the specified list

Suggest Ideas
Anything is possible. Replies are open on this thread so please do reply with any ideas you may have Crazybot and I will try and develop and continue to add features to Crazybot as soon as I can to bring you guys more features and entertainment in the Crazyblox Games Discord!

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In my opinion its a very good idea.


Why don’t we are to the bit a feature where we can blacklist websites that are in violation of the guidelines

@NicholasDev What is Crazybot?

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