Creation of light

So… I need to find out how to make a sufficient light source because…

What size do you recommend? Or do you not need light?

I use point light and I put the part on the center.

And it need light.

The size…I recomend the size of the room, but smaller (Not too smaller).

Thanks, it looks a lot better. :smiley:

You are using the wrong lighting technology

The Fe2 Map Test use voxel in lighting technology, right?

it uses compability

corners needs wedges first of all
second, i would use compability lighting voxel.

Sorry, I took the picture from the wrong angle. But I did add wedges.

I’m trying to be as lazy as possible on this map to get it done and over with.

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Oh…I used voxel ._.

I use lighting change the ambient, set it to [255, 255, 255] white color.

no, too bright
also you also need to put it in the lighting folder in the settings lol

ye i do insert ambient on lighting folder, right?