Criminal Lockdown [20 VOTES! πŸŽ‰]

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support

Name: Criminal Lockdown

Creators: The Criminal Devs

Parts: 4192

Script Lines: 280

Buttons: 12

Backstory: Once upon a time, you and your friends wanted to storm Area 51, however while storming it, the aliens finally caught you and knocked you out. When you woke up, you were in Criminal Lockdown, and you were the #1 criminal, so you had to escape before the aliens and the guards chased you and arrested you for trespassing.

Description of map:
This map uses custom scripts, saying stuff, basically lol. Hope you enjoy this map as it is being WHITELISTED. If you have any feedback, except for neon spam ik thats an issue, i’m trying to resolve it
please comment.

ID: 3464721109

BGM: Waterflame - Running From Demons



Pictures of map (Updated 9th February)


Videos of Map:

:1st_place_medal: Recorded by XxProGamerFE2 23/08/19

:2nd_place_medal: Recorded by OrenWD 23/08/19

:3rd_place_medal: Recorded by RaxdiiGames 7/09/19

:four: Livestreamed by MathFacter360 7/09/19

Timestamp 1:18:00

:five: Livestreamed by RichardIos275 8/09/19

Timestamp = 1:51:00

:six: Recorded by BigBoi 8/09/19

:seven: Recorded by Laurencepro99 - One of Developers 23/09/19

:eight: Recorded by Jocel RBLX 29/9/19

:nine: Recorded by Pomdinga 123 6/10/19 (Timestamp = 10:25)

:keycap_ten: Recorded by DiamondSplash 8/10/19


:1st_place_medal: Reviewed by BigBoi (7th September 2019)

62/100 - 7/09/19
76/100 - 8/09/19
97/100 - 27/09/19

:2nd_place_medal: Reviewed by TabszT (7th September 2019)


:3rd_place_medal: Reviewed by DMinecraft99 (8th September 2019)


:four: Reviewed by Ethan76167 (23rd September 2019)


:five: Reviewed by damnepiccaleb (27th September 2019)


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Map Image:

I see a mesh/free modeled car
And also why repost

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huh? I never reposted. I made a post in the #flood-escape-2 category saying about my new upcoming map. Then, I didn’t make a forum post on Criminal so I decided to do. Sorry if I sound confusing.

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O ye I forgot sry

its ok.

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Criminal Lockdown?
more like Pumpkin-Neon-Abuse Lockdown :sunglasses:
I highly recommend to use less neon because 99% of the map is yellow and orange neon.
make the Digitalized Room something else. we got enough Digitalized and Digitalizion copies.

  1. Funny name lol, april fools name.
  2. To be honest, I like the neon in the 1st room, idk about the orange room.
  3. Gimme 5 digitalization copies ples,
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Maybe there could be more colors besides orange? Also this map is laggy as frick.

considering this has 2K parts, idk how its laggy.
What others colors do you want me to add besides orange and yellow?

ok one, is there alot of scripting? if so, then i think thats where most of the lag is. if not, my laptop is legit garbage.

two, maybe add some green, red, maybe some blue, i really dont know. maybe in the digitalization area there could be some red or something.

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  1. 157 lines of code.
  2. The colors you suggested are REALLY good, might use one of them.
  3. Why do ppl call the other tower section β€˜β€˜Digitalization Area’’?

Welp, as always in Map test, free models

I already removed da free model, I’m doing another update, removing useless neon, removing free models, and reworking Spawn. Can you list any other free models other than the car if there is?

No other free models. Well the detail is actually bad…i mean really bad

I don’t know what detail to add. Maybe you can suggest?

Well, before add details, I recommend you to reduce the neon and some overused textures. You need to make your map has β€œclear” looking because if you add more details but the map still were full of neon part details and overused textures, it will make you map become messier.

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Neon Pumpkin Facility is real.

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The new update I got is basically to remove useless neon, and I’ll also make the map look clear. However, I can’t work on it rn, because I just helped a player beat Dystopia, but ye, offtopic, I’ll try to make the map look clear, because I do agree with the overused textures.

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You mean Neon Spam Facility?

P u m p m k i n P i e L o c k d o w n