Crimson Palace (WIP)

Status: Working on it! (Currently delayed due to COVID-19)
ID: 4456102479 (Whitelisted)
Creators: Railes (Me) & y3_th
BGM: Torment by Acid-Notation

Description of Map
Far away in an unknown land, there is a tiny island. It is a strange place with red grass and weird structures. You, being an adventurous traveler have found the island and hop on to see whats up. Then, there seems to be a cavern, wide, but short, that leads to a place, in which there is a giant palace! It seems like the best thing to do it quench your thirst for adventure, and precede to explore it, what will you see? You’ll have to go find out!

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Okay, will give Constructive Criticism later not right now


folliw the guidelines

Reading be sure hard bro O_o


i said folliw, not follow

there is a difference

We now have pictures!
(We’re aware it doesn’t look so hot rn lol)
(Edit 2: pictures are outdated again lol, we’ve been working super hard on this)

Lmao what

Map looks nice
Add a skybox and add some lighting

okay simplest map i guess

as a first fe2 map im hoping its simple, I don’t wanna get in over my head lol. But the pictures are outdated again so…

Oh uh
There is no need to delete outdated pics
Just replace them once you’re done

Well I didn’t have any updated pictures, thats why I deleted them

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do you remember?

Me and Y3 have been working on the map but its been slow due to quarantine, y3 is working on layout rn and I’m going to try and finish the deco for the first part when I can!

wdym i’m working on layout i can’t do layout lmao

add the end room as a hotel room

do it