Crisp, Crisp Canyon

Status: Finished, awaiting whitelist

Description of Map
A desolate canyon in the day.
ID: 4498868371
Pictures / Videos of Map-

Outside of the pyramid

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.40.25 AM

The interior of the pyramid is a secret.

crisp, crisp tires

crisp crisp cola :cup_with_straw:

looks nice

super mario in real life
also epic

When Mario 64 uses the same word twice in a level. But why though?

Shifting sand land

Tall, Tall Mountain

this looks very nice! i love how it looks like it was actually made by the people who made lost desert or made by crazy. good job! i think your map has a chance to be added into the game.

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looks a little moist to me actually

also good job

the chicken is in the oven
nice map
and that chicken tasted good too

the id has been added in, alongside my other maps


big big Chungus :grin:
not bad

i put thumbnail for you ill upload soon