Crystal Caverns review

I honestly just really dont like this map. Its ugly, boring, and a ton of other things.

First of all, detail, the map has none of it. The first room has the most detail of all, and it still is not that good. After that there are just ice spikes and thats all the detail. Next, the challenge. The first room is the only room in the map with parkour and it still is the easiest room in the map. After that 99.9% of the map is just swimming to the final room, which is the main reason I dislike this map. Then you have a few buttons you have to swim too which opens one more room with a button and then another 25 second swim to the exit. The problem is, especially by yourself or when your teamates just dont care about playing you have literally no room for any mistakes otherwise you pretty much always die 1 second away from the end. The map could be improved greatly with more detail, and an easier challenge

After edit: After playing the map more and getting better, I actually like it! I still feel the map is a little too bland but I actually have fun playing it :smiley:


I am thinking of bumping the difficulty up to hard.


I suggest not to make posts just hating on something in the game, but rather to give constructive criticism on how you think it could be improved. I’ve known the person who made the Crystal Caverns map for a while now, and I don’t think he’d appreciate the way you discussed the map, nonetheless myself.

sorry, ill change this to a review and use nicer words


What was wrong with the pneumatophore-like ice glacier in Crystal Caverns? I understand your viewpoint about its appearance “monotonous” due to it not being that spiky, of course I would know, but I don’t want to judge other’s maps because most areas contain “blocks (and wedges)”.

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Oh huh it was an Easy back then like Map test? Nice. Didn’t know this.

Those posts teach me a bit of old FE2 :joy: e

kinda wish crazy would be that active in the forums as well


He should be atleast a bit active to see community maps and other stuff but that’s his choice

how dare you say this…

at the time crystal caverns was just plastic lol

It still looks like plastic, or is it because of low detail (which I don’t have on)?

You have low detail, the map is actually ice

Oh, yes. I have my graphics low to reduce lag on my device.

I also have my grpahics always the lowest but its still beatiful come on

I agree