Crystal Caverns

A lot of people find crystal caverns boring. But I think it’s so fun!
First, it’s very different. The gameplay is really fun and exciting. It’s not rapid, and I love it.
Second, it’s beautiful. Its OST is my favourite because it’s very relaxing and BEAUTIFUL. All the details, the swimming, it’s just BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL (beautiful x5)
To conclude, crystal caverns is my favourite map because it’s superb, relaxing and special.
Edit: To all the replies:
You want all the maps to be like dark sci and blue moon right? I really don’t like them, what’s the point if u cant enjoy a map? You can’t enjoy those maps because they are rapid and u need to tryhard.


am i the only person who thinks the same

lmao just because we said that we dislike crystal caverns doesn’t mean we want all maps to be like dark sci and blue moon omg :joy: :rofl:


Why are u getting it personal

pff how is it even personal lmao

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I think Crystal Caverns should be revamped.

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I disagree.

if i was floodescaper1 i would prob change the gameplay or add other colours

but ok

some people do like hard maps lol

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I do too but since you can’t stop moving and can’t explore the whole map in them,I prefer maps like gloomy manor,crystal caverns and gRaVeYaRd cLiFfSiDe

remember when it used to have bright red legacy lava just like overdrive

Meh I didn’t like that version I like dark maps better

I was talking about the revamped version

The revamped version had neon lava, which used to have some but light red colour, because fe2 used a different lighting before April last year

I’m saying that one.
I don’t like neon and bright things.

Why are people taking it personally all because of a ranking list I made like 5 months ago? :thinking:

It’s not you I just see people hating this map everywhere and I didn’t even see your ranking list I will check sry
Edit: I love btr too (I like dark and beatifully designed maps) but it’s kinda weird that you like btr,mysterium,decrepit seas and graveyard cliffside but not crystal caverns,I think it has some ‘mysteriumish and decrepit seasish’ vibes

This map has boring decoration.
It should be revamped like Graveyard Cliffside, you know decoration, but not the ost or most gameplay. The deco is made from one color.
Could add some crystals with other colors than white smh

I like the fact that it’s only one color,white.It looks relaxing while playing,colorful maps look really bright and boring to play

same, but he could use a bit of blue (at least very light blue)

Sticking up to this opinion.