πŸ’Ž Crystal Ruins ~

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
You’ve somehow managed to get trapped inside of a huge open cave and need to find a way out. Run through the ruins filled with crystals and gold, but don’t waste time trying to take some, because the ruins is starting to flood with water. Don’t slow down because It’s only a matter of time before the door to the next room closes.

Pictures / Videos of Map

Link to model:

  • In-need of videos from community testing my map to show it off
  • Better name possibly?
  • Suggestions?
  • Information I should know?

Cool! Love the way it looks!


Wow. This has GOT to be one of the best maps I’ve ever seen


I know a great music for this map: smash hit chapter 6. (but you will have to upload it your self probably)

Thanks bros. Also I can’t find the music your talking about ^

This also my first complete FE2 map

I said you will probably need to upload it yourself.

Yea I know what you mean. I can’t find it on youtube or anything

I know a different music that you can put in: https://web.roblox.com/library/663572864/Paper-Mario-Color-Splash-Underground

I feel like the music in my map is fine, but thanks for making a suggestion. I really appreciate it

i love this map, it’s so beautifully made. good job!

N o i c e
just noice

thanks for the support brothers

this is astonishing

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Very nice! +1 vote!

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ive been gone for 3 weeks

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looks super cool!

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Just did a playthrough of this map and all I can say is the gameplay is just as amazing as is the detail. I have nothing to critcize. Amazing work!

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Thanks again

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The map overall is really well made, the feel of the map is consistent and the music really adds to that, nice choice of music honestly. Nothing is bad about the bad as everything is pretty god but I feel that some doors close on me pretty quickly as one misstep, falling off, is all it took for me to die and had no time to recover. Another thing id like to add is that I did not know that you were supposed to climb on the sort of stones as it is a ladder and is sort of confusing, other than that its an amazing map and definitely earns my vote. :+1:

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