Cursed Dreamscape

Status: Gathering Support, Receiving Feedback, Whitelisted
Description of Map
There are rumours of a forsaken world that only exists in dreams. That world once had a prosperous kingdom but fell to ruin centuries ago. However, people who stumbled upon it entered an endless slumber, never to wake up for their lives. You happen to be one of the unfortunate ones that ended up in this world in your slumber. Explore the remains of the outsides of this mysterious world and make it out alive.

ID: x9u-i31
Creators: BoonMoon, CStarGamer14 (me), EnviousEnvy, SuperLean23
Estimated Completion Time (Solo): 1:45
Music: OST Coming Soon™

Pictures / Videos of Map



Bro this looks really good

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Though something I don’t really like is how the cave is squarish, though I like it’s simplistic design

Hmm… true. I will see if I can fix that.

tbh i kinda agree even tho the map looks appealing, the cave is not really great and is (generic “unconstructive” blocky criticism)

pls put sum wedgies pl0x

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Fat terrain be like (not joke)

beaten the map. pretty fun ngl
may make a reply with feedback even though i suck at it

Cursed Dreamscape is a great map, and it brings the fun, challenging map to life! :star2:
The designs look nice and it brings a great concept here, and the details brings a nice version of the map! The assets look fantastic, and it’s looking greater than ever! I really liked the gameplay so much, it’s challenging and it’s really fun, and it really brings a great map! The difficulty fits perfectly.

I would try suggesting decorations such as grass blades and vines, if needed. It could bring a lot of creations here to improve the map! :thinking:

The map is very fun and challenging, and it brings the gameplay more fun to play on your maps. You deserve an amazing vote, so amazing job! :+1:


Yup. This map definitely deserves more decor. Thanks. Will add that to To Do list.

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Hmm. I have to admit it is BIG. I may consider this but moving stuff around proved to be really difficult at this point.

fede’s totally unnecessary feedback lol

This map is pretty fun in terms of gameplay, nothing too simple and nothing too hard. My only complain is that if you go afk for atleast a second, the lava will get you when you press the first button. Before I start talking about other stuff, I wanna mention this over here -
This is just… tricky. It just doesn’t go well. I could’ve failed there if it was my first try! Who knows? You guys should put a warning that that will fall. It doesn’t go well.
Some platforms also feel too squarish. Maybe add some wedges in the corners?
The lava is also too fast for a Hard. Making 2 mistakes would make you drown before even getting to the next part.
Ok. Going to the next part.

This part isn’t too good. Try to shape the terrain so it isn’t blocky and the holes feel quite weird. The black color used for the floor doesn’t go too well, too.
The door feels… awkward? It could have improvement. I do like how the door closes after the lava rises. Like Phex (PhexoniaRBLX) said, there could be more decorations like grass blades, vines and others. The bushes look kinda weird imo. Try looking at Oriental Grove’s bushes and get inspired from them. Also, I really dislike the cave with acid. It just feels blockish and empty. You should add stuff such as crystals, and stuff that is in caves, I dunno lol.
2nd Last room is nice? Maybe you should add props from the first room such as the boxes, vents and others + what Phexonia requested. Something that you guys should fix in the last room is the abuse of helping-ladders.

This makes those platforms be useless if that’s there. If it was on purpose, ok then. But if it wasn’t, it should atleast appear after the next button. Also, if I’m sure you can press the last button by doing a wraparound.
The last room is a bit too hard. It doesn’t really match the difficulty too well. Could have some islands as deco on the sides, since the room is too spacious. The lava there is way TOO fast too. There’s also this which I want to mention;

You should fix those building errors Imo.

edit: You should also try to use some music before the OST, since the map feels boring without any music.


Gameplay - 5/10 - Fits with difficulty (Ok)
Details - 7/10 - Nice


– add vines there and there
– improve the bushes
– add icicles in the cave
– detail more rooms
– nerf the lava a bit

Sorry if this review isn’t too good :frowning: It’s my first time doing one and I hope it was atleast a bit helpful :smile:. This map does have potential, so keep going!

Hmm. I will definitely think about those.

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Amazing hard (In photos)!

Before I do a detailed feedback about this map, I have one question:

This OST it’s from this map (original) or it’s just a music in youtube (not original)?

Well…that’s my feed back about this map:

Well…I completed the map and this map it’s amazing!

  • The lighting

The lighting it’s perefct! it’s not too bug like Subzeronic Techzone, bit I guess the lighting it’s just 0,0,0 and just add pointlight (purple).

  • Gameplay

The gameplay it’s very good but sometimes you need to do a shortcut, I never see a map, when need to a shortcut.

  • Camera

Well…the câmera of the map it’s not too worst and it’s not too good, exaple: In this part, the camera bug for no reason or because of the part.

  • Details

Well…this it’s one of problems of the map, the detials are’nt so good, in my opnion the cave part it’s the best part in map.

  • Difficulty

Well…the difficulty it’s just na insane for me because of the faster lava and acid, but the platforms are like in normal difficulty.

  • Script

The script of map it’s really good, the part the wooden parts fail it’s amazing! I really like the script.

Anotação 2020-02-26 114704

  • What you have to do in my opnion
  1. Change the lighting to a purple

  2. Needs more details for a hard map

  3. Change the difficulty or just slow lava

  4. Change the bug camera

This it’s just my opnion, I don’t have any inttetion to offend all of you guys, you work it’s amazing!

This really isn’t something they can do since it’s about camera FX

It’s just make the part a little thicker or longer.

going to try to make more of those in the future
reviewing is funn

dont like the colour scheme it hurts my eyes

no offense but i like how the map looks in the pictures more than in the actual map

the last picture looks goo d with that technology i am guessing its voxel???

What’s is the technology of FE2 Map Test?

Hmm I may need to retake the pictures. They may look too deceiving because I forgot the Lighting tech used in my map building place.