Custom Model Function

So, a few months ago when I was building Misty Aviary, I was trying to find a way to tween models, so I made a custom function for myself and decided to share it.

Circled in blue are the parameters. If you don’t know what the parameters are, you can look at this page: Roblox Developer Functions

The object parameter is for the model object, the Position parameter is for the object’s position, the NumberTime parameter is for how long the tween of the object will be, the EasingStyle parameter is how the object is tweened and the EasingDirection parameter is what direction of the EasingStyle is tweened. The EasingStyle and EasingDirection can be learned from these pages:
Roblox Developer EasingStyle
Roblox Developer EasingDirection

Now, in order for this function to work, you must weld all BaseParts located inside of the model object. Here’s an example of how this works:

Here’s my example of how I used my function:

This is free for anyone to use.