Cyberpunk Rush [Insane - 75% Complete]

Information/Description of Map

Status Name Difficulty Creator ID BGM Parts
Work in Progress Cyberpunk Rush Insane SuperSpaze 1247206146 qxn77c DominoContributing - Cyberpunk Rush REDACTED

Map Information

Traverse to the futuristic cityscape as you travel up from the city below…


Also, check out the new custom BGM for Cyberpunk Rush! Made by DominoContributing himself =)

nice city

cool not gonna lie

The “Undecided” it’s the real name of the map? Also it’s cool ngl

looks cool but would be necessary more pics for a real feedback

“Back alleyway city” would be a good name or something along the lines of that.

Cause you know it looks like a back alleyway from my perspective.

we’re vibin

beep boop a preview (also rip beam)


Looks cool

Night Rider but its fe2

Hmm since I’m done with the first section, I want you guys to try it out before moving on to the next section. If you have any suggestions, just tell em.

Anyways here is the id:

nice work man

this looks really nice
good job

This is really cool


it isn’t mandatory to vote :neutral_face:

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you dont need to vote for the map that you dont like what

also if you gonna say its a joke - its not :call_me_hand:

im pretty sure its a joke

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how do u know something is not a joke or if it is


lol it was a joke
but i cant say that because according to dress, its not

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