[DEAD MAP] 🍪 Cookie Volcano Meltdown [FOREVER WIP]

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted, Work In Progress

ID: 2452023647 :cookie:

The Cookie Volcano Visitor’s Center volcano explodes. (More coming soon)

While eating lunch (basically cookies) at the Cookie Volcano Visitor’s Center, a sudden lockdown occurs. On the announcements, it claims that a meltdown/eruption is occuring. Rocks are being thrown from the volcano, and one BRUTALLY wrecks into the cafeteria. It soon starts to flood with extremely hot cookie dough from the crack. You run onto the VIP table (the big one) and hope to survive. There is a hole in the wall near the door, and you carefully jump over the tables over the cookie dough to get to it. Will you survive?

Images may not look exact to the real gameplay.

Cafeteria (start)
Hallway Part 1
Hallway Part 2
Hallway Part 3
Security Room
Hallway Part 4 to Vent
Hallway Part 5 exit from Vent
Floor 2 Part 1
Control Room
Falling Part of Floor 2
More coming soon!

Difficulty: Insane
Indexed Difficulty: Hard or Extreme Insane
World Record: unknown
Average time: unknown
BGM: MARIO & LUIGI: BOWSER’S INSIDE STORY In The Final (2018 GaMetal Remix)
Quickness Factor: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: (Don’t stop moving!)
W.I.P.: :white_check_mark:

10/11: Map posted
10/22: Extended map and added more details! (10 day anniversary, yay!)

Here’s an advice : Overused textures. ;-;

I like cookie

Add more wedges and detailz please!

no free mdoels plz (cookies)

Where should I reduce the textures?

The square title texture is overused, you should try using another or your map will end up like mine. (Rejected)

That’s not a volcano that’s a frickin facility

There is a “volcano” sign on the first hallway intersection, and after that door, a massive cookie dough flood is there.

It’ll be hard to replace them all.

And could you play the map please?

Yes, i’ll give feedbacks after i done testing it.

First of all, the moving platforms are not allowed. (Moving tables in the first room)
Second, ho’d you managed to do the jump on the red carpet room?
Third, overused textures. (Cookies tex, Title tex, etc.)

1, It wouldn’t be realistic if they didn’t move. Yes, they lag, but it doesn’t move that much.
2. Just go to the left and then go right. Jump onto the sticky wall and jump off, you will end up on a blue crate. Move quick to the security room, and when you are out of it, jump onto the sticky wall again and land on the blue crate, and it’s simple after that.
3. The cafeteria would be stupid if it didn’t have the cookie wall. (if you mean the cookies on the crates i’ll try to remove them) The tiles texture would be very hard to replace.
Also, did you get past the stairs? Cheers if you did.


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1, Why did you wanted it to be realistic? It’s not real life.
2, Thanks for that.
3, It’s won’t, you see the real life cafeteria? There’s none of 'em even it’s has cookie as the main menu.

This is just Flood Escape 2, not real life, so please check on that.

The map has been improved, check it out!

“cookie volcano meltdown”
odd theme but ok

I’ll check it later ok.

Pretty fictional