Definetly not a upcoming map xDDDDD 🏝

So, uh, hi guys xD.

I em working on a new map called Tsunagrounds,(now east island invasion idk what name) and it is gonna be a hard difficulty (no, not Crazy). It is now finished, just check my twitter for the id.
Or guess what here it is: 1584145446

pic deleted as it is severely outdated

(sorry had to remove poll due to massive cringe)

(yes ik i need to revamp the trees)

this should get added lol


not a snowy landscape lol

Need :clap: softer :clap: options :clap:

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th3n n0 v0t0 for u


softer options?

wdym softer options lol

The options that UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. like β€œdecent”, β€œok” or other options that just make the people feel more β€œNeutral” to choose it AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (I used this word many times I though you all understand)

k then lol

i’m starting to lose motivation on this map, should i just discontinue it or still continue with it

continue lol

thaanks you

yes thanks lol

Looking good so far.

i have a suggestion:
add a tiki statue with a sign saying no u (jk idea dont add lol)

idea accepted