Definetly not a upcoming map xDDDDD 🏝

So, uh, hi guys xD.

I em working on a new map called Tsunagrounds, and it is gonna be a hard difficulty (no, not Crazy). I know it looks quite bland, but it is VERY wip and I need your suggestions on improving this so pls help.

Here’s the layout of this map so far:

Right now, what do you think of this map xD

  • *Actually looks nice
  • *looks so garbage that i wanna make a snow tree destroy everything you build

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(yes ik i need to revamp the trees)

this should get added lol


not a snowy landscape lol

Need :clap: softer :clap: options :clap:

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th3n n0 v0t0 for u


softer options?

wdym softer options lol

The options that UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. like “decent”, “ok” or other options that just make the people feel more “Neutral” to choose it AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (I used this word many times I though you all understand)

k then lol

i’m starting to lose motivation on this map, should i just discontinue it or still continue with it

continue lol

thaanks you

yes thanks lol

Looking good so far.

i have a suggestion:
add a tiki statue with a sign saying no u (jk idea dont add lol)

idea accepted