Describe the escapees on the Discord server

Here is mine:
They are truly an interesting species.

1.) Weird suggestions in #fe2-feedback.

2.) Always begging for Lighthouse to be added while ignoring other great maps in the process.

3.) Wanting an Extreme difficulty to be added.

4.)Asking people to check out their neon-spam-dark-sci-facility-like-crazy map.

5.) Bragging about how they beat Dark Sci Facility backwards, on a wheelchair, with a Wii remote, and also being blindfolded.

6.) Almost never read the rules, pins, or listens to anyone.

7.) Complain about the new maps being easy and hate on CraYblox

8.) Probably the most hilarious, pinging CraYblox for the new update and by doing so they also pressure and overwhelm him and ask him to POST MOAR UPDATEW LEAKS.

I am only speaking about the majority of the escapees I see, I know there are going to be escapees that are actually mature and know what they’re doing.


don’t know because discord terms of service are dumpster